Why 3D Product Visualization is an integral part of your online shopping experience with Lounges Plus

At Lounges we have realized that we have to be customer-centric. Customers want to see high-quality visuals, engage with 360-spin, configure products, and zoom in on the details. In other words, customers expect engaging experiences and valuable information that will make their decision-making (and their lives) easier. We have listened, and provide an experience that allows customers to get true product representation on our website.

Reasons why a customer is more inclined and better off buying through 3D Product Visualization experience.

As online presence becomes more important than ever for furniture brands, the first question is how to close the online-offline gap and offer engaging experiences online.

The answer is 3D product visualization.

3D product visualization doesn’t have to be hard, and it’s actually quite simple and straightforward. Plus, it can help you with use cases across the board, thus saving you time, money, and energy. The benefits of the 3D product visualization include: 

Product customization

Furniture is one of the three product categories where customers make the most personalized purchases and having a product configurator is the easiest way to show different fabrics, colours, and finishes.

Offering engaging product page experience

In industries like furniture, where product aesthetics and details have a major influence on the buyer’s purchasing decision, we have realised to take care of web presence, as it’s the first touchpoint with the brand. 

Features like zoom, 360-degree view, alternate angles, and detail shots are the best way to compensate for lack of tactile sense.


What's next?

Lounges Plus as a leading Australian furniture retailer has realised the importance, and impact of 3D visualisation. The business has invested all the time and effort into making online shopping experience fair for the customer. Keeping customer centricity at core they have taken a big leap from a traditional bricks and mortar store model into digital shopping experience store!