Why Australian Made?

At Lounges Plus we support Australian Made Furniture and Bedding, where several of our items and brands are Australian. Supporting the Australian economy isn’t the only reason why you should buy Australian-made products. There are in fact, many reasons why you should shop local. Here are the main reasons to buy Australian-made.

1. Made to Australian Standards

When it comes to locally manufactured products, Australians have very high standards. Consumers are likely to find Australian-made products are of a much higher quality compared to buying foreign brands. Australian companies will always strive to deliver on the expectations of the country’s high standards. Imported products and materials won’t always meet the Australian regulations and standards – therefore, it isn’t worth compromising safety and quality for a cheaper product. 

2. Supporting Locals

One of the best things we can do to contribute to the economic development and prosperity in Australia is buying local/Australian-made products. Buying Aussie-made supports the economy, Australian businesses and our jobs. There’s no need to seek an overseas company if you have a high-quality Australian business offering you exactly what you need.   

3. Confidence in Quality

Australia has high safety and quality standards which are set in law (this means they have to be followed), so products and produce that have been manufactured or grown locally must meet these standards. When you buy Australian-made you know that you are in investing in something that is made to last. 

Also, Australian products usually come with local customer support, so if you need spare parts or repairs, the supplier is just a phone call away

4. Warranties

Australian-made products all come with guarantees and warranties that ensure the protection of a consumer. These guarantees and warranties are often twice the duration of many imported products, with local backing.

We understand that not all products can be Australian made, but where possible we try to support Australian made, and we encourage the same from our customers.