Working with Concrete

Rockhampton 7 Piece Dining 

Concrete is quickly becoming a staple in many Australian homes. Once thought of as a rough and unfinished construction material, concrete when used correctly inside the home has evolved to represent a point of modern refinement. Clean lines, large uninterrupted surfaces and a solid aestheitic all lead to a certain familiarity with the material which tends to impart a feeling of strength in the object.

Commonly used in flooring and kitchen benches, concrete has seen a steady migration from the ground upwards, making its way to household furniture and homewares. When paired with warm and natural materials such as timber, the resulting piece can often result in a beautiful harmony of contrasting styles.

Often neutral in tone and finish, concrete can be used in a way that works with a broad range of interior styles, often seen paired well with Urban Industrial and Coastal styles.

Rockhampton 7 Piece Dining SuiteRockhampton 5 Piece Bar Setting